6 simple rules for your winter work wardrobe

Claire   >  5 April 2019

6 simple rules for your winter work wardrobe,Brighten up bleak mornings with bright colours, Embrace bare legs for longer in midi skirts,Layers, layers, layers, Snuggle up in oversized knitwear,Big blazers = big news,Black isn't your only option

April is upon us and Winter is coming. Gone are the days of swishy skirts with no stockings, strappy sandals and cute maxi dresses: we are headed for colder weather and so are our work wardrobes. Getting dressed in the morning can be a bit of a chore as the mornings get darker and the temperature drops, especially when you've got the case of the winter snivels or you're yawning after binge-watching an entire season of The Sinner on Netflix (hey, it's winter, it's totally acceptable). Making sure your sartorial choices are cute can certainly ease the pain of saying goodbye to the season of sun-kissed skin and after-work drinks at rooftop bars.

It's cold outside and getting out of bed is hard enough in the morning, so we've put together six tips on how to put together winter office outfits that don’t totally suck.


1. Brighten up bleak mornings with bright colours

Grey skies aren't an excuse to reach for a black turtleneck, black trousers and black boots every day. Adding a pop of colour doesn't just freshen up your look - it can also lighten your mood. When was the last time you saw a sad person in a bright red blouse? Or a grumpy gal wearing pink culottes? Answer: NEVER! Pair your statement bright piece with black, neutrals and greys to keep things office appropriate.


2. Embrace bare legs for longer in midi skirts


Until the temperature dips below 15c, we are convinced we can get away with bare legs. It's no longer safe to wear anything that ends above the knee without stockings, so the midi is now your best friend. Tuck an oversized jumper into your waist band or chuck a blazer over the top to keep your top half toasty.


3. Layers, layers, layers

Problem: It's cold outside, but all you seem to have in the wardrobe is sleeveless dresses. Don't despair, there's hope for our summer frocks yet. Getting on and off public transport during the commute to work and popping out of the office for meetings or lunch mean going from hot to cold to hot temperatures, so easy-to-remove layers are practical too. Add a long sleeve basic cotton tops or plain blouses underneath to shift the outfit into winter gear. Accessorise with over-the-knee boots for optimum snug points.


4. Snuggle up in oversized knitwear

Cozy knits aren't just for Sundays. Pair them with the right things, and they can work for the weekday too. Keep things stylish, not slobby, with batwing jumpers and longline cardigans. The key is to balance out your proportions by wearing something form-fitting on the bottom half like tailored trousers.


5. Big blazers = big news

Men aren't the only people who get to look good in blazers. Oversized fitting blazers look good on all body shapes and smarten up pretty much any outfit. Big presentation? Wear with matching suit trousers for big boss vibes? Planning a big date after work? Wear with a fresh white t-shirt and a cute statement necklace.


6.  Black isn't your only option

Everyone resorts to black in winter, it's a fact. Not only does it help flatter the extra inches we put on during the colder months, but it makes getting dressed a hell of a lot easier. Try not to look like you're going to a funeral every working day by adding in other easy-to-wear dark tones like navy, berry or moss green. They're just as flattering, we promise.