Off Shoulders are not over yet! | How to Wear Off Shoulders

Tiffany   >  15 January 2019

Together we used a photo of an egg to beat Kylie Jenner, becoming the Most-liked Instagram posts of all time!  You know what's also trendy and never getting old? Off shoulder tops and dresses!

Off shoulders are all of a sudden back on trend in women's fashion back in 2016.  And today, 2019, they are still around and not going anywhere.  That is because of it's stylish elements, its versatility and how various the style could evolve to be.  In this blog, I'll show you how to keep wearing Off Shoulders in 2019!

Ladies love dresses! They are easy to wear, one piece - wear it on and you're good to go.  Off shoulder dresses make it casual, easy but stylish to put together an outfit!


These are 2 best sellers of ours, in terms of Off Shoulder designs: Flower Print Off Shoulder Short Dress and Floral print Off Shoulder Maxi Dress.  They are easy to wear, best for the beaches and mojitos!

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It is very common seeing Frill Details at the chest area of an Off Shoulder design.  This is because for smaller chest ladies, the frill details actually make their chest area look fuller.  This is very usual to be seen on bikini wears.  


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